Is Phen375 the Holy Grail of Diet Pills?

skinny French woman

The first time I ever heard of Phen375 was when I was living in France for a few months recently.

French women are among the thinnest in Europe, and being overweight is seriously frowned upon.

So how do you think they stay so thin? It’s not just sheer discipline.

Turns out the French are really into appetite suppression. A lot of them smoke, because nicotine is a known appetite suppressant. (Nicotine is also highly addictive; don’t smoke!).

But they also take diet pills to reduce food cravings. And one of the most popular is Phen375.

Phen375 reduces food cravings. It is 100% natural, so it’s totally safe to use. You don’t need a prescription. Here’s what Phen375 looks like. (If you click on the image you’ll be taken to the product’s official website).


I actually started taking Phen375 because French people don’t snack. They eat three meals a day and that’s it. Eating between meals is strictly forbidden. Being from America, I found this extremely hard to do!

no snacking

So I started taking Phen375 just to keep myself from craving snacks. And it worked like a charm!

Let me tell you something—cutting out snacking is the best way to lose weight. You can still eat normal-sized portions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

lose weight with Phen375

Throw in a little exercise and you’ll lose weight just by doing this. It’s not even like being on a diet. You don’t feel deprived at all.

Personally, I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like to lose 5 -15 pounds, at least.

With Phen375 this can be accomplished in a month or two. EASILY.

My Personal Results Using Phen375

I personally lost 15 pounds while living in France for a few months. Just by taking these pills. And I truly felt as if I wasn’t even trying!

And the best part is—I won’t gain that weight back. As long as you use Phen375 you’re far less likely to overeat.

Phen375 order

That’s the problem with most diets and weight loss fads. They might help you lose weight, but it’s keeping the weight off that’s the really hard part!

Why not do as the French do and suppress your appetite? It certainly works for them. They either take up smoking (not recommended) or start taking an appetite suppressant like Phen375.

control food cravings

You’ll begin to feel so much more in control of your food cravings. And you won’t feel deprived. I eat pretty much anything I want during mealtimes. But I NEVER eat between meals anymore.

Why Is Phen375 Superior to Other Diet Pills?

There are lots of diet pills that promise to stop food cravings. I’ve tried a few of them and they never really seemed to work the way I wanted them to.

bad side effects from diet pills

Either they were ineffective, or if they did work I experienced unpleasant side effects like insomnia, dry mouth, stomach-aches, and constipation.

That’s why I gave up on them. I only tried Phen375 because I was in France and some skinny women recommended it. I thought, why not?

I’m glad I did. I didn’t experience any kind of negative side effects. And it really did suppress my appetite. Finally, I’ve found the perfect weight loss pill!

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Don’t Skip Meals!

We’ve all been there. We feel fat and what do we do? We start skipping meals. We basically try to starve ourselves because, well, that’s pretty much guaranteed to work, right? Wrong!

don't skip meals

When we skip meals our bodies go into starvation mode. Our metabolism slows down to preserve calories. This is the exact opposite of what we want.

We need to eat meals and we need to eat meals on a regular basis. The key to long-term weight loss is to control when we eat and how much we eat.

You can exercise all you want and still not lose weight. You MUST control your eating habits! And that’s exactly what Phen375 can help you do.

Control Your Hunger with Phen375

Look, even the most disciplined people experience stress, and one of the first things stressed people do is eat.

emotional eating

One mistake leads to another and before you know it you’re totally off the tracks. It happens all the time! That’s why it’s so hard to lose weight and keep it off.

Phen375 is like an insurance policy against overeating. It puts YOU in control, not your food cravings. Isn’t that what we all want?

And, believe me, once you start to feel more in control of your eating, you start to find that you have more control over other health habits, like exercise, sleeping, and eating the right kinds of food.

thumbs up

Instead of spinning out of control in a downward spiral, you’ll find yourself in an UPWARD spiral, toward getting the kind of body that you so desperately want!

It’s hard to convince people that losing weight is as easy as taking a pill.

No, they say, losing weight is incredibly difficult and keeping the weight off even harder.

Well, the French know how to do it. They simply suppress their appetite with either nicotine or diet pills like Phen375. (Again, DON’T start smoking to lose weight!).

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Phen375 Reviews from Real Users

I’m not the only one who thinks this product is potentially life-changing. Many others have experienced the same amazing results:

“I started taking Phen375 and by watching my diet and exercising I was able to lose 80 pounds. It really reduced my appetite and I felt more energetic. I did not have any kind of side effects. Overall it’s been a great experience. I’m glad I did some research and discovered this product. It saved my life!” –Anne

“I’m amazed at how well this product has worked! I’ve tried lots of other diet pills, but none reduced my food cravings like this product. So far I’ve lost 21 pounds. I’d like to lose another 5 but I feel very confident that I can do it. Sincerely, an absolutely thrilled customer. PS: I recommend this product to all my friends!” –Anavel

“In my first month I went from 158 to 141 and I didn’t follow any kind of diet or do any exercise. I love this product and will keep on buying it till I reach my pre-pregnancy weight of 124. Thanks for giving me my body back!” –Katherine

“I bought a 3 month supply of Phen375 and lost 10 pounds total. I was 187.5 and now I’m 177. I’ve haven’t been in the 170s since college! I’m thrilled and plan to keep going. The best part of this product is that there are no bad side effects and it doesn’t interfere at all with my daily routine. My goal now is to get into the 160s!” –Michael

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Get Phen375 for the Holiday Season!

Phen375 bottle

If there is one particular time of year that we really need an appetite suppressant like Phen375, it’s during the holidays.

Of course, during the holidays you will be bombarded more heavily than usual with diet and exercise advice. You will be told how to lose 7 pounds in five days, squeeze into that slinky New Year’s Eve ensemble, and radically reshape yourself and your life. You might be better off to relax and reach for another mince pie.

“Expectation and frustration are inextricably linked, and it could be better just to accept that this is the season of excess,” says Dr. Desmond Kelly, the medical director of the Priory hospital in south London, and president of the International Stress Management Association.

“With so much hype over Christmas and then over diet and exercise and New Year’s resolutions it is easy to try to do too much too soon and then feel terribly let down,” Dr. Kelly says. “Some people produce endorphins when they exercise which make them feel good, but for others, who feel bad when they exercise, it is a waste of time.”

Christmas dinner

Both types, he suggests, would be better off taking a diet pill like Phen375, which will suppress the appetite. He also recommends learning “relaxation strategies which can be woven into their lifestyle” than putting their new tracksuit through its paces before the pudding has been digested. And some experts believe that simply by learning to relax, whatever else you desire be it weight loss or a psychological re-shaping will follow.

relaxation therapy

Yet there are almost as many confusing “relaxation strategies” as there are diets and exercise programs, and the relaxation business is in danger of becoming as stressfully competitive as any other. You could float in a flotation tank, take up juggling and learn several different types of meditation and visualization, just for starters. And there are innumerable audio and video cassettes by self-styled specialists in what is a growing, and lucrative, field.

Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, who works at the Maudesley hospital and has private clinics in Harley Street, teaches autogenic training, “a westernized version of Siddha meditation”. Naturally, he recommends that method.

Peace of Mind Woman

“It’s a very practical skill, like learning to drive a car, and if you try to teach people by a book or a tape they’re likely to drive into a brick wall,” says Dr. Carruthers (whose courses cost around $20, including a medical screening). “But you could always try a very basic technique included in autogenic training, which is to sit comfortably in an armchair, resting your arms either on your lap or the arms of the chair, feet flat on the floor and eyes closed, and just watch your breathing. Don’t try to control or change it, just watch it in an uncritical way for five or ten minutes without disturbance.”

Anthony Baird, the director of the Institute for Complementary Medicine (ICM), recommends a similar, simple routine. “I do it every morning before catching my train. I sit in a chair, very straight, and count down from 20 to zero and imagine I’m sinking down into a huge bottle. I let my thoughts float for a few moments. And when I’m ready I come back up feeling hugely refreshed and ready to cope.”

Most everyone knows about how important diet and exercise are to weight loss, yet there are alternative therapies. Almost every form of alternative therapy places a high emphasis on relaxation. “For short-term relaxation we’d probably suggest aromatherapy, massage, meditation and reflexology,” Mr. Baird says. “For the longer term these would need to be combined with some sort of counselling.”

One aromatherapist on the ICM’s list of practitioners is Trish Hooker, a former personnel manager who turned to aromatherapy because of the stress of her job, and who has worked with it in a New York hospice. Diet pills like Phen375 can be effective, she said, but it is a good idea to combine it with other weight loss strategies.


She believes that aromatherapy can not only cleanse the system of toxic wastes from over-eating and drinking at Christmas, but that it may also help people emotionally.

“Every sense is gratified, and the massage gives a sense of being cherished, which is very important,” she says. “Some people leave me feeling energetic enough to go home and start spring cleaning. Others may go home and want to sleep for eight hours. What the body needs it gets.” A two-and-a-half hour session (an hour’s initial consultation followed by an hour and a half’s treatment) costs $60.

aromatherapy herbs

Howard Gaier, a “naturopath” who also practices osteopathy and is a registered homoeopath, recommends “infusions of relaxant herbs such as lemon balm, limeflowers, lavender, vervain or American ginseng. Valerian and passionflower are the stronger ones.

“If you don’t feel you can give up tea but would like to cut out the caffeine and tannin, try Red Bush tea which contains quercetin, and gives it more of a ‘buzz’. Unfortunately there isn’t really a substitute for coffee.”

Those who prefer a more active method of relaxation and there are many who like the idea of learning to “dance” with their stress. Lydia Wong and her partner Anthony Kennedy believe the answer is not to eliminate stress from your life but to learn to “dance” with it, through what they call qi-netics, a mixture of t’ai-chi, calisthenics and meditation.


Ms. Wong claims that the technique which she teaches at the Church of the Holy Innocents in Dallas, Texas, for $10 a session helps prevent “overweight and over-tiredness, premature ageing and loss of vitality” and has a leaflet which sets out some of the basic qi-netic exercises, which are done “aerobically, meditatively and then in a ‘hard’ way to build up muscles and create dynamic tension”.


Or you could consider juggling away your excess weight. Max and Susi Oddball of the Oddball Juggling Company have taught bankers and doctors, opera singers and motorcycle couriers how to toss their troubles into the air. “You have to relax in order to juggle,” they explain, “as the mind is forced to concentrate on a new experience.”